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This blog is devoted to the study of Ponytail Management - a field that was given its initial impetus by none other than Arindam Chaudhuri of the Indian Institute of Ponytail Management (IIPM) fame who started a the first ever course on Ponytail Management in the world famous IIPM at Delhi.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Basics of Ponytail Management at IIPM -1

In this second post of the series, I will explain the basics of ponytail management as exponded by none other than Arindam Chaudhuri of IIPM fame.

The human brain has a limited capacity as it is enclosed in an inflexible skull. The human skull is covered with hair that dissipates the knowledge in the brain radially outward. Therefore all the education in the world (specially from the IIM group of institutions) will not help as most of it will enter the ear and get dissipated radially outward through the hair on the skull. To conserve the knowledge you need to build an effective and efficient ponytail that is effectively grounded by pointing downwards. This enables the fantastic knowledge gained from IIPM to be effectively preserved and can be used in small potent doses when you work in Planman Consultants after graduation from IIPM.

This is an important concept that has been missed by all the IIM group of institutions. They do not know about ponytail management and therefore select students who keep their hair waving freely - thus the miniscule knowlege that the get at IIM is immediately dissipated radially outward leaving them with neither IQ nor EQ.

At IIPM we only select students with long hair that can be tied into a ponytail - this is the reason that we usually have more girls admitted than boys - girls have higher ponytail potential. Infact studies at IIPM have shown that girls who have their hair braided into a ponytail from early childhood have higher potential and our selection process at IIPM carefully investigates this to select the most promising girl candidates.

Unfortunately the fee that we charge often leaves their parents without any hair - but our IIPM parents are willing to sacrifice their hair for the sake of their wards and for the future of our country.


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