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This blog is devoted to the study of Ponytail Management - a field that was given its initial impetus by none other than Arindam Chaudhuri of the Indian Institute of Ponytail Management (IIPM) fame who started a the first ever course on Ponytail Management in the world famous IIPM at Delhi.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Basics of Ponytail Management at IIPM - V

In the fifth and last post on the basics of ponytail management (before we go to advances in ponytail management), we will cover the methods used by IIPM in fixing belief among IIPM students using the pioneering work of Pierce (1877) titled "The Fixation of Belief". Pierce gave the key insight that belief in humans is fixed in one of four ways. We will examine how IIPM has used these methods effectively in fixing belief among IIPM students about the IIPM and its founders.

(a) Method of Tenacity - a steady and immovable clinging to beliefs an individual already has by suppressing any doubts or wavering. This method is used in creating the full page IIPM advertisements in newspaper where IIPM believes that by tenaciously repeating its glories it will build a steady and unmovable belief among its readers and prospective students. The method is used repeatedly within the IIPM campus in every course where the superiority of IIPM is emphasised.

(b) Method of Authority - to create institutions that teach doctrines to the young and prevent contrary doctorienes from being expressed by terrifying them to silence. This method is superior to method of tenacity. IIPM used this to suppress Gaurav Sabnis and Rashmi Bansal from speaking against IIPM. It is also used to supress IIPM students from speaking against the authority both within and outside IIPM.

(c) Method of Apriority - to create propositions that do not rest on observed facts but rather are agreeable to reason based on the intellectual fashions of that time. While this method is more intellectual than the method of tenacity or method of authority it is based on taste and fashion. This is the basis for all the claims that IIPM courses are superior to the IIM courses as IIMs don't have those interestingly titled courses. It is IIPM's belief that by naming all its courses differently from the usual names that are used in business schools across the world they will be able to make their courses incomparable to any course anywhere in the world except in an IIPM - naturally making those courses best in the worlds because no second best exists.

(d) Method of Science - to scientifically investigate real things whose characteristics are entirely independent of our opinion about them and fit our reasoning with facts. This is superior to the other three methods but requires time and effort - IIPM is too busy to use this method - the other three methods serve its purpose in making itself superior to the IIMs.


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